Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

 Or “TSH” is the main thyroid hormone used for diagnosing and monitoring thyroid disorders. Since being diagnosed with thyroid disease in 2012, my TSH value has been one of the most important numbers in my life. Indirectly, it controls my life, so I appropriately named by blog TSH, Thyroid Shit Happens. Thyroids… some of us can’t live with them and all of us can’t live without them.

These are my adventures of life with thyroid disease. I’ve have read a good deal of research over the past several years, but I have found the stories of others living with the condition to sometimes be the most helpful “literature” out there. So here I am sticking my story out there for anyone looking for solace or companionship as they find their way.

Let’s make sure it’s clear, I am no medical professional. This is a personal catharsis of my experiences. When I’m not writing about my experience and those numbers are on point, you can find me playing outside (trail running, rock climbing, SUPing, skiing, fastpacking, peak bagging, and anything else I can come up with), working on house projects, and exploring my culinary interests.

Based in Boulder, CO.

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